About Journey Home

Journey Home is a non-profit organization aimed at giving at-risk youth, as well as their parents the tools needed for growth. Journey Home offers a wide range of services to help families grow, heal, and recover.

Journey Home was established in 2019 to help kids and parents in the South Bay find their center when their family is at risk of fracture. This happens when each individual in the family lacks the tools to correct their course in the relationship.  Our focus is on mentoring kids through the challenges they face at school, with friends, and during stressful growth phases, and offering support to parents who struggle with the tools needed to parent challenging children. Most importantly, Journey Home is meant to be a lighthouse for those families feeling lost at sea, reminding them that firm land is near, and they are not alone.  

- Mark Bell


898 N. Pacific Coast Highway

Suite 600 | El Segundo | CA 90245



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